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The Indian diaspora’s investment inflows have been increasing at breakneck speed. The rise has halted, however, since many NRIs remain hesitant owing to a lack of geographical closeness. GoldenKey dots the gap by offering Indian purchasers living overseas smooth investment consulting services, portfolio management solutions, resale service, and end-to-end transactional assistance. We manage the entire show on behalf of our NRI customers, removing the barrier of distance and allowing them to realize their goal of buying a property in their country.


GoldenKey takes care of our relationship first and everything else will fall into place. This formula has proven to be a success for all our partners, whether working on land or overseas.

NRI support
NRI support


Nothing is more self-assuring than walking the walk. GoldenKey is proud to provide character and strength in credibility. We do what we say we’ll do and that makes all the difference. Every time. Our reputation speaks volumes.


We put utmost importance in the relationships that we make with our NRI clients. Due diligence, foresighted disposition and risk management ensure we deliver the best experiences and reliable returns.


Striking a balance between foresight and planning & execution, GoldenKey aims to hit the realistic expectations that you set for us. We set the standard for efficiency and consistently perform for our NRI clients.

Policies for NRI’s

  • An NRI is an Indian national or Person of Indian Origin (PIO) staying outside of India for an indefinite period of time. The purpose of stay could be employment, vacation, or business.
  • NRIs do not require any consent from any regulatory body to buy residential or commercial properties in India. However, NRIs cannot buy agricultural/ plantation land in India.
  • There is no limit to the number of properties that NRIs can purchase in India.
  • An NRI can buy a property in India in partnership with an Indian citizen/ NRI/ PIO. However, they cannot buy a property in partnership with any foreign citizen.
  • NRIs/ PIOs can purchase a property through funds remitted through normal banking channels or through his/ her NRE/ FCNR (B)/ NRO account.
  • According to the Income Tax Act, if any buyer (Indian resident or NRI) owns more than one property, then only one will be assumed as self-occupied. On other properties, income tax will be levied on the rental income (actual or deemed). Hence, if an NRI owns more than one global property, then income tax will be levied on the Indian property, on the rental income of the Indian property (irrespective of whether the property is rented out or not.)
  • An NRI has to pay capital gain tax on the profit made by selling a property. If a property is held for 3 years or less following the actual possession, then short-term capital gain tax is paid. The gain will be included in the total income & normal slab rates will be applied. However, if the property is held for more than 3 years, then long-term tax rates will be applicable. This will include 20% tax rates plus applicable cess.
  • According to RBI norms, if the property was acquired through remittance via normal banking channels/by debit to the NRE/FCNR (B) account, the amount that can be repatriated should not exceed the amount paid for the property. In case the property is being acquired through rupee sources, an NRI/PIO is permitted to remit an amount up to USD one million/ financial year out of the balances held in the NRO account.
  • NRI/PIOs can freely rent out immovable property, whether purchase through application of forex or otherwise, without seeking any permission from the RBI. The rental income being a current account transaction is repatriable outside India, only if property tax paid or provided for.
  • The Reserve Bank has granted general permission to NRIs to acquire or dispose of NRI India Properties by way of gift from or to a relative who may be an Indian citizen or a person of Indian origin (PIO) whether resident in India or not.
  • Just like Indian residents, NRIs can avail home loans. The eligibility depends on similar parameters such as qualification, current job profile, chances of continuing abroad during the loan period, etc.

The documentation required to be submitted by the NRIs are different from the Resident Indians as they are required to submit additional documents, like copy of the passport and a copy of the work contract, etc. and of course NRIs have to follow certain eligibility criteria in order to get Home Loans in India.
Another vital document required while processing an NRI home loan is the power of attorney (POA). The POA is important because, since the borrower is not based in India; the Home Finance Company would need a ‘representative’ ‘in lieu of’ the NRI to deal with and if needed. Although not obligatory, the POA is usually drawn on the NRI’s parents/wife/children/ close relatives or friends.

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